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Hotel Marenysol 06/11/2021
Good morning Benilovers! Mid-Novemberone of our favorite months, and we continue in Benidorm with pleasant temperatures where we can enjoy our wonderful beach and this Mediterranean Sea that we love. In addition, a great month to spend exploring the surroundings of Benidorm doing hiking trails through the nearby mountains.

On this occasion, we want to propose you to combine hiking with an archaeological route. At the end of Poniente Beach we find a “Tossal” or hill in Spanish where there are the remains of a Roman settlement occupied by the armies of Quinto Sertorio during the Sertorian Wars. Quinto Sertorio was a prominent Roman general and politician of the final period of the Roman Republic, famous for the movement against the dictator Sila that he led in Hispania.

If we go up the hill, we can appreciate the wall, and in it we can see the different rooms and the structure of the found materials. The wall shows us the presence of Roman soldiers and confirms, without a doubt, that the “Tossal de la Cala” was a fort or 'castellum' ordered to be built by General Sertorio within a fortification plan on the north coast of Alicante, probably around the year 77 a. C.

The "Tossal de la Cala" was part of a Roman chain of coastal military enclaves located in the regions of Marina Alta and Baixa; all located on cliffs and coves that are difficult to access and they fulfilled a fundamental role: to control the maritime routes of the boats and to warn of possible enemies arriving by sea.

The visit is very pleasant and easily accessible, recommending, in addition to the explanations of the place made by the Benidorm City Council guides, to enjoy the unbeatable views of our skyline. They are fantastic!

The 'castellum' has been museumized in different phases and has guided tours that are held on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The visits can be reserved in the following email account . You will surely enjoy the place as much as we did!


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