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Hotel Marenysol 19/03/2020
Benidorm and the Cinema: Love at first sight.

Good morning Benilovers! Well, yes, Benidorm‘s relationship with cinema has been a crush at first sight: filming, actors, actresses, directors, technical teams … all of them have passed through our city falling surrendered to the light, beaches and the wonderful sea.

 Right now in Benidorm, we are experiencing a “second youth” in relation to filming movies, series and advertising spots. And all this due to the marvelous work that the “Benidorm Film Office” does in providing the location of exteriors and stages to be able to make these films.

 Did you know that the director Isabel Coixet was filming her latest film “Snow in Benidorm”this month? Film produced by the Almodóvar brothers participating with their production company “El Deseo”. In her main roles we will have Carmen Machi, Ana Torrent and Pedro Casablanc. They were even staying one day at our Hotel Avenida where they were the makeup team worked hard and some of the actors had a room to rest in between shoots.We are looking forward the premiere! But not only has Isabel Coixet visited us, Secun de la Rosa, is filming her first film, “El cover” in Benidorm. Secun de la Rosa is a great theatrical author as well as an actor, who has participated in such important series as “Aida” and “Amar es para siempre“(Love is forever). We can also tell you that the director Julia de Paz is accompanying us through the streets of Benidorm, preparing her long “Ama” and the entire cast of the new A3 media serie “Benidorm” that surely will be be a success. As you probably know since 2007. the British production company Tiger Aspect Productions for ITV Channel TV is also filming the very successful serie Benidorm in the area of Rincon the Loix. We have also been the scene of various video clips, fashion reports, commercials and much more lately.

I suppose you are wondering if the filmmakers recently discovered Benidorm. Not at all, already in 1951 the director Juan de Orduña in his film “Alba de América” used La Cala de Finestrat simulating the island of Santo Domingo where Christopher Columbus arrived. And from there, the boom; “A kiss on the bridge” with Manolo Escobar, “The decent” with Alfredo Landa and Concha Velasco, Bigas Luna in “Eggs of Gold” with Javier Bardem and Maribel Verdú. Paz Vega in “Fugitive” Even more recently Natalia Verbeke in “Airtime” and Ana de Armas in “The Alley” have used our locations and those of the surrounding towns such as Altea or La Vila Joiosa to shoot their films. We are proud of it and of course even more proud of one of our most glamorous citizens: Cristina Rodriguez costume designer for series like “Elite”. Great Ambassador of our city! Sometimes when we walk through the streets we like to imagine what places have been the scene of a movie, video clip or series. You can’t imagine how the area can be changed with a different light or decoration!.



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