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Hotel Marenysol 18/03/2019

Good morning Benilovers! In case you had not read it, we are very excited and proud to tell you that Benidorm has been named the first Smart Tourist Destination (DTI).

Do not you know what a DTI is? We will explain it to you in a moment!. A Smart Tourist Destination is one that follows the rules established in a certain standards; in this case, Standard UNE 178501. An examination is carried out and once approved, which is not easy; the destination is named Smart Tourist Destination.    What are those things that Benidorm has had to comply to be DTI? In fulfilling some points that the World Tourism Organization establishes such as the following:

  • Technology: Introducing digitized technology (Big Data and mobile applications) in our Tourism offices, we have improved the information we offer to our tourists to be much more personalized and updated. Through this technology, we can absorb knowledge in order to quickly adapt to new needs and trends.
  • Innovation: Benidorm has established a competitive intelligence system which has improved the management of content in social networks, as well as the interaction with our tourists.
  • Sustainability: Benidorm has opted for a comprehensive management of urban waste as well as a computerized management of the use of water to make it more efficient. Benidorm has invested in an installation of free Wi-Fi access zones in a large part of the municipality. An investment has also been made to provide LED street lighting to save in electricity. Many points of the City has been equipped with chargers for electrical cars.
  • Accessibility: The infrastructures of the city have been improved with accessibility for people with reduced mobility in beaches, streets and municipal organizations; more than 100km of bike lanes have been created throughout the municipality and public transport has been expanded.

All this means that Benidorm is committed to increase the quality of the tourists visits as an integral experience, encouraging continuous improvement and improving the relationship between residents and visitors.     As you can see, not only hotels must be innovative; the destination in itself, has to be able to offer avant-garde services, which are sustainable and do not harm our environment, making it a destination accessible to all our visitors and promoting interaction with the environment, with the final aim of making you feel loved and at home in our city.



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