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Hotel Marenysol 06/09/2019
Now we are at the beginning of the summer season and we decided to leave the Avenida Hotel and stroll through the streets of Benidorm. The good thing about being in the town centre is being able to stroll around and discover any corner of this city, without the need to using the car. And today, we have decided to get lost in Old towns narrow streets.

One of the characteristics of Benidorm is its reinvestment capacity; As if it were a living being, it is in constant movement, adapting to the environment, evolving … That is why we like to walk through its streets, discover new places, shops, restaurants or new places that, in other occasions, we have not seen in our walks.

The most striking discovery this week was the exhibition “Génesis de Sebastiao Salgado” located on Gambo Street in Benidorm. It is a breathtaking exhibition that we strongly recommend and that you will be able to enjoy until July 18.

Sebastiao Salgado (Brazil 1944) is one of the best social photographers of the XXI century. In this case, it focuses on the most virgin and intact ecosystems on the planet. In that precious black and white that characterizes him, he manages to show us all the beauty of this planet we call Earth.

His camera focuses on landscapes, animals, and people away from the modern world: large regions, remote areas, virgin forests, where the nature still is intact. All this is captured and displayed in large format photographs, showing the grandiosity of nature where the human being is fragile, representing a small role in large spaces and not that role that we believe to represent.

«A visual ode to the majesty and fragility of the Earth; a warning of everything we run the risk of losing », in the words of the photographer himself. Until 2012, Salgado made a total of 32 trips to carry through the virgin world, with stops in Antarctica, Madagascar, Botswana, the Kafue National Park in Zambia, the Colorado Plateau in the United States, Alaska, the archipelago of the Galapagos in Ecuador, Siberia and the Amazon jungle, among others.

The exhibition, made up of 38 black and white photographs, reveals that part of the world that has been able to escape the influence of modern man. A world, which we have the privilege to inhabit and the obligation to respect and preserve because its beauty is such that we should be proud to offer it as the most important legacy to future generations.


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