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Hotel Marenysol 17/09/2020
Good morning Benilovers! As you know, one of the departments that make your stay at the hotel more comfortable are the maid. Thanks to their work, you can enjoy a vacation with the confidence that you are in a safe, hygienic and germ free environment.

We are going to comment on some of its tricks that you can apply in your homes. You sure will to love them! First of all, we start to plan the cleaning of the room to know the order to clean it in. We always start with one area and move on to the next area of the room, not going back and forward. Always in the same way. Where do you start cleaning? We usually start with the beds and from there we move on to the rest of the areas. Second, it is important to ventilate and allow natural light to always enter. Good ventilation in the house will renew the air and in this way, we can use chemical products without fear of inhaling their substances. Next we clean all the furniture! Not just shelves, television, dressers or side tables. If we have armchairs or chairs in the room, we must also clean them, as over time, they accumulate dust and their fabrics deteriorate. Protect the bed with mattress protector. In this way we will extend the life of our mattress. Also, you can use a top sheet as a bottom sheet. If you pick them up at an angle of 45 degrees, do not doubt that it will catch you and the wake-up moment can be very complicated. Never mix cleaning products and always use those that are the least harmful to the environment.

When you clean the bathroom, make sure to use different rags for each area. Clean the toilet with a red cloth and the other areas, for example, with a blue cloth. In the bathroom, the first place you must clean is the toilet and the bidet since those are the areas where the greatest numbers of germs are concentrated. We hope that these tricks from our maids have been useful and that you can apply them at home.

Another day we tell you some tricks from other departments!.


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